Thieves Target Backyard Vegetable Gardens

Dangamvura residents moan over the stealing of vegetables in their backyard gardens during the lockdown. Back yard gardens have become a source of livelihood for many residents as access to markets and the price of vegetables is out of reach for many.

Thieves Target Backyard Vegetable Gardens

By Beatrice Maisera

Interviewing one of the residents whose vegetables were stolen Mrs Makenzi, said her vegetables were stolen more than three times and she is not happy about it. "Veduwoye zvinorwadza nechando chiriko ichi uchimuka uchidiridza pakati pehusiku ..umwe munhu ango tora zvake,"she said. She noted that these people who steal are heartless as they just pluck out the whole plant “kudzura" everything, and one is forced to start planting the vegetables afresh.

One of the residents who chose to remain anonymous Jane Marufu(not real name) said vegetables have become a major part of every meal in most houses as they can not afford to buy meat due to the economic crisis and Covid-19 lockdown more so most people are no longer going to work.  

“Some can't even afford to buy these vegetables as a bundle which is not even enough for two people is being sold for 20 bond notes, and this has made some people optioning to steal," Jane said. She explained that some are not stealing because they can not afford to buy but because they want to make money from that.  

The danger we face is that some of the vegetables would be sprayed and are not safe for consumption as the thieves would not know, but will go on to sell to the community. This leaves the community at risk.

It is believed that these people steal when people are sleeping because no one has been caught red-handed yet. Those with backyard gardens wake up to see their vegetable gardens destroyed and stolen.

Having a backyard garden in Dangamvura is not so easy a great as people are facing water challenges because of city council water rationals. Therefore some receive water at the middle of the night and that is when they water their backyard gardens.