A Female Lawyer ln The Making: "I want to become a lawyer after finish school"

My name is Tapiwanashe Tauro. I am fourteen years old and I am in form two at Melfort Secondary School. I am doing nine subjects at school and l am working hard on passing all of them at O level. After l pass, my O level l want to proceed to A level and then go to the University and study towards being a lawyer.

A Female Lawyer ln The Making:

By Felistas Nyamayaro

When my parents died,  l had no other choice but to live in the streets. It was hard for me as a girl to live there because a girl child is more vulnerable and prone to abuse. Mostly kids in the streets end up mentally disturbed because of drug abuse and this would result in unnecessary fights with other people and among themselves."

I met Mr Matanga  the owner of Mest Children's Foundation in the streets and l did not hesitate to take the opportunity to live at home since l was going to be able to go to school and later on become a lawyer. Even though there are some challenges here at the home it is way better than living in the streets."

The main challenge here at Mest is that we do not have enough space to accommodate all the boys and girls. I would want the government to build us big dormitories for boys and girls. Also we would be able to go and take other kids who are living in the streets to come and live here so that they can have a better life and future.