Agonies Of An Orphan

At that time, I had to be brave, my little sisters were looking up to me for provision hence it was not the best time to be a cry baby. It was not easy to head a family at 11 years. I had to make sure I put food on the table every day. My name is Mashline Munopa (17).

Agonies Of An Orphan


By Chiedza Mutyavaviri


 I stay at MEST Children Foundation together with my two younger sisters. My parents died in a car accident when I was 11 years old. I tried to look for my parents’ relatives but they were nowhere to be found. Being the oldest child, I became the guardian to my siblings who were four and seven years.


I would do chores for neighbours and community members and I must say, it was the hardest time of my life, some would name call us which was so excruciating considering the freshness of the wound of losing parents at an early age. When we were taken to MEST Children’s Foundation I found out that I am not the only disadvantaged child. I have found my voice through poetry and singing which I dream to do when I grow up.


To other young orphans out there, I want to say do not be despaired, there is a bright future ahead just focus and don’t tolerate negativity from people because you are an orphan.