Agony Of A Rejected Child

The marriage collapsed after the husband ran away leaving her with another child...

Agony Of A Rejected Child

For Sarudzai Chitawa (23) life has never been what she anticipated since the death of her mother. She was in primary school, grade four to be precise.

 By Ashley Muremba

Emotional and physical abuse became a daily dosage from those that she looked up to. She was chased from her parents’ home.


"I was only in Grade 4 when my mother died. Abuse became a daily routine, it was a torrid time. I was chased away from my parents’ home by my father’s brother," said Chitawa

Facing a bleak future she was taken by her uncle and as fate would have it, the uncle died leaving her in quandary. Confronted by such trauma Chitawa had to seek sanctuary in marriage.

“After my uncle's death l was left exposed and decided to seek refuge by getting married. I got married at the age of 15 but the marriage could not last as the husband was abusive which led me to walk out with my child,”

Thinking that the first marriage was a mistake and with no one to support her she remarried. The marriage collapsed after the husband ran away leaving her with another child.

“I thought the first marriage was a mistake, I got married again but the husband ran away leaving me with the children. I was forced to sleep in the forest. I have had three marriages. I cannot support my three children, I do not know where their fathers are” said Chitawa

Having found refuge at a nearby community hall Chitawa says life remains tough as she cannot afford to buy laundry soap and other necessities.

Her worry is on her three young children who still need care from the mother and have no identification documents.

“Right now I have no clue, life has been tough I have no birth certificate that will make it possible for me to get birth certificates for my children. I have tried to look for the fathers but all in vain and I do not know where to find them”

“Even if I can get a job my challenge remains with the children because I do not have anyone to leave them with. Getting food remains a challenge for me” laments Chitawa

Her case mirrors the challenges associated to the death of parents as well as the effect of earl marriages. Statistics indicate that of the 6.3 million boys and girls 4.8 million are living in poverty.

Chitawa’s wish is to look after her children so that they will no walk in her footsteps since her life has been a misery.