An African Woman

Born black but beautiful she is. A virtuous woman with her purse in hand her, flowy black hair as she stands tall ready for another day. An African queen from whom many have been groomed. From her sweet yet convective blossom she instills her values in the seeds to bloom for Africa.

An African Woman

By Mitchel Chirombe

 By five o'clock  in the morning she arises with a broom in hand gladily and happily beatifying  her surroundings. Does she have a minute to sigh? for her time is expensive. It's as valuable as every drop of life giving water. With all the loadshedding and water shortages around her, she cooks up an ingenius plan to squeeze in firewood fetching and water filling.

Yes, that's an African woman as defined in the premordial ages. Yet the african woman in all her feminism has grown with the modernization era. Yes go to the computer literate careers, you'll find her there leading with all her beauty and brains speaking up high for her. She wakes at a young age with her books in her mind toiling day and night to be that teacher, scientist and any other of her choices.

That feminist has grown past tradition yet her etiquette morals and values define her well. She decided to stand for herself and use every one of her nails to claw herself up to the top. She has broken past stereotypes and clearly yet definitely defines her whole being in what she believes for herself and for those around her.

 She carries the pride of her communities on her head and her crown of virtue adds more to her value. Now she is owning a mansion and a trending car. She also have degrees, masters and doctorates. Yes, she was underestimated but because she plucked some courage to speak for herself ,there she is ,standing and doing myah deeds. Many are flabbergasted of her deeds because they didn't believe she could do it.

An African woman deserves all the respect,love and honour for a woman. Hence with this i say no to gender based violence,physical, emotional and spiritual abuse are not the potions of a true proud African woman. Lets keep her dignity and pride. Lets bring her on high not lower her down to the gullies, lets bring her closer to her desires than leave her broken and unwanted. We call for justice for the African woman. Your beauty will not waste away with the times but will brim and shine Africa out of oblivion.

Let's all strive in keeping her as a priceless jewel to the family and a precious mineral to the family. Ally her by uplifting not underestimating her. She runs the world we live. If she is not there, who can give birth to the boy child! All she needs is respect,love and care not stigmatization. A big shout out to every guy out there treating women as queens. Receive your five star rate.

#no to gender based  violence or any form of abuse
#never allow anyone to underestimate you
#females in power
#future is female
#young feminist in power