Anyone Can Be A Perpetrator Of GBV

The reason why women and girls in the church are not likely to tell anyone when they have been sexually abused by with high status in the church is that the perpetrator convinces the victims that no one will believe that as ‘church elders are anointed and cannot do that’

Anyone Can Be A Perpetrator Of GBV

By Nkhosiilathi Ncube


My name is Edson Lindani from Zaoga Forward In Faith Glenwood region. My advice to women and girls is that they should speak out when they encounter sexual gender-based violence.


They should report the perpetrator regardless of who his status and they should know that anyone can be a perpetrator. They should be reported, arrested, and convicted. If they do not speak out, there is no end to sexual gender-based violence in the country.






To ensure that women and girls in the church are protected from sexual gender-based violence, Pastors should keep preaching the Word against such acts. The church should create ministries or programs that give women and girls a platform to open up and report their issues. These platforms should offer them spiritual, emotional, legal assistance.