Bailed Out From The Streets

"Streetlife is not good at all. My name is Talent Mafuta. I am 17 years old. My parents died when I was young and I moved to the streets since l had nowhere to go."

Bailed Out From The Streets


By Felistas Nyamayaro


It was in these streets where l met Mr Matanga the owner of Mest Children's Foundation. l went on to live at Matanga Education Skills Training Foundation (MEST) Children's Foundation and I'm still living at the home. " Adapting to life at home was hard.


ln the streets I was used to getting money every day since we would be begging at street robots in the city centre. Later on discovered the advantages of living at home such as going to school. I don't think l would run away from here. If I get a chance I would convince other street kids out there to go and live in homes and leave the bad way of living in the streets. "Street kids engage in so many disgusting acts such as homosexuality, drug abuse, and stealing from people and there is no chance of thinking about going to school even if there is a chance of getting enough money through begging.


"When I came to Mest I wrote my O level and unfortunately I only passed three subjects. I was disappointed but I am going to write again so that l can get to five subjects and be able to make my dream come true that is to work in the media industry. However, at the moment l want to do a course in mechanics whilst l wait for the time to write my O level again".