Breats Cancer A Silent Killer In Rural Zimbabwe

Early detection and treatment can save many lives from breast cancer. Nyasha Mujubheki a Mudzi resident watched her mother suffer from serious cancer complications due to lack of facilities and delayed treatment.

Breats Cancer A Silent Killer In Rural Zimbabwe

By Sharon Chikwanha

 " We might have a healthier environment than those living in Urban areas but I feel we are at risk more than them. I lost my mother to breast cancer not because we didn't know that it can be treated but because cancer health facilities were miles away from us and we had no money to go there." said Nyasha

A number of woman living in remote areas die before they are not treated breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a cancerous tumour which occurs in the breast. It is a cancer originating from breast tissue, most common from inner lining of milk ducts or lobules that supply milk . There is need for proper facilities in marginalized and rural communities that help women like Mujubheki’s mother. " We need both screening and diagnosis machines in our area " , she added.

Mutize one of breast cancer survivors said ." Having breast cancer does not mean you are going to die but the fear comes when we think of distance to Harare where we will get treated.Women need to be educated about Breast Self- Examination as well as stages to follow. When l first found out that I had cancer I lost all hopes of surviving again but today here I am so fit."

Women in Mudzi have faced acess to local health facilities because cancer cannot be treated locally,so it takes a woman with knowledge of breast cancer to sacrifice going to Harare and get treated.“Seeking treatment t can be hindered by financial problems. Misconceptions on chemotherapy and radiotherapy sometimes misleads women in our society", Mutize added.

According to World Health Organization about 9,8% of cancer incidents is breast cancer.

Dr Ntokozo Ndlovu from Head Radiotherapy Department highlighter how  patients come very late make it difficult for them to recover.

Sarudzai Chiraraza from Talk Cancer Zimbabwe advised people that " We should at all cost prevent cancer since we are all cancer victims".

Chipo a Bulawayo based model said ,"I think few people understand what breast cancer is all about and what victims and Survivors  go through so its imperative that people educate themselves not only on what Breast cancer is but how to treat and help those suffering from the disease and those who have been cured and survived . They go through a lot and need a lot of financial and emotional support. "

Breast Self-Examination is  encouraged since most of the lumps are discovered by women themselves .In as much as breast cancer can be treated ,women should always engage themselves to a healthy lifestyle .