Catering for Christians Financially

Zambuko is a Christian organisation which was formed in 1990 by Phenius Dube after realising that some Christians who want to start projects do not have funds hence the formation of the organisation.

Catering for Christians Financially

by Chiedza Mutyavaviri

My name is Tafadzwa Jemwa, I work for Zambuko Trust.

Zambuko is a microfinance bank which offers loans to individuals and groups for educational, enterprising and housing purposes.

The organisation is christian based hence we share the word of God with our clients. We do this because sometimes it is not a case of wanting money only but one might be going through a lot of challenges in life which money cannot solve. Therefore, we make time to interact with our clients on a more personal level.

Our organisation has managed to transform lives especially of our clients who come from Mbare and roughly 66% of our clients are women. Some of them managed to move out of Mbare hostels and are now owning their own houses. 

Some clients even invite us to their new houses and graduation ceremonies just to celebrate their success with us and acknowledging our services.

Personally, I have seen many lives changing through our financial services and our clients have become our family.