Churches The Voice For The Voiceless

As the church, we are protecting gender-based violence survivors. We ensure that they confidentially report the incidence and have timely,non-discriminatory access to services and support, including legal, psychological, material assistance as well as safe spaces where needed.

Churches The Voice For The Voiceless

By Nkhosiilathi Ncube


My name is Jayn Ngomashi, l am an elder with Zaoga Forward In Faith Church in Zimbabwe.

As the church we introduced a program called speak out of the box "kubuda mubox" whereby all the women inside and outside the church get to reveal their problems regarding sexual gender-based violence to the tasked district pastor's office every Sunday after church.


Preventing and responding to sexual gender-based violence is a core component of "kubuda mubox" program.


This is helpful since we managed to help a number of women who revealed their problems. If the perpetrator is a member of the church, we keep him under a disciplinary punishment where he will be prohibited to do any duty in the church for a certain period and we take other legal measures to discipline him.