Drop A Pad Save A Sister Campaign

Rosemary Frank 22 reaches out to the less privileged rural women and girls in Mutoko, distributing sanitary wear. Passionate about meeting the needs of women and girls in her community she has made a difference in many peoples lives

Drop A Pad Save A Sister Campaign

My name is Rosemary Frank, I am 22 years old I stay in Mutoko, Mashonaland East where I volunteer with a local CBO called Youth Initiatives for community Development (YICD) since 2015. Working with the organisation exposed me to working with young women and youths generally.This opportunity had me realising my potential in advocacy work for vulnerable minorities and my extended passion for humanitarian work.



On a few occasions that I have engaged with youths and young women on empowerment issues, youth inclusion and participation in governance and local issues, issues around gender-based violence I felt sanitary health separately was being neglected. I challenged myself that I had to do something to address this concern. Drop a pad save a sister campaign is an initiative that I launched late January 2020 which seeks to outsource pads from all over churches, business people, schools, NGOs and ordinary individuals . Considering the rapid price hikes, my thoughts were, when things were normal women had a bit of challenge purchasing pads then, what of now when the prices are rapidly rising from 18 rtgs to 28rtgs now more than 40rtgs talking of the common brands that are said to be affordable.

Similarly hikes on the bread prices forced people to quickly substituted breakfast, from purchased bread to homemade then later on breakfast was eliminated to have only one meal within the day "brunch". What then does the girl child have to do with her menstrual since they are inevitable and cannot be eliminated. In a bid to address this and get the attention of local and responsible authorities to either control the prices of facilitate the free provision of sanitary wear to women and young girls, I felt something had to be done in the meantime to ensure that sanitary health is ensured for rural women specifically around my community and later on reach out to others, hence launching of the campaign.



Due to economic strains and general difficulties, it's been a hustle for most vulnerable minorities inclusive of adolescent girls and young women to get access to pads especially those in rural areas and orphanage homes. In some areas, things have gone out of hand so much that they now use leaves and cow dung during their menstrual. It is my wish that I drive this initiative towards a sustainable and more effective method of sanitary wear provision. That is behind the reason why I gave the campaign a time limit to say it will run between January to December 2020 so that quickly I get my hands on a better sustainable potential initiative was to opt for reusable pads that is I will continuously be seeking monetary donations to cater for the training and acquisition of both equipment and training facilities for manufacturing reusable pads.

This then becomes a sustainable method and safe for their sanitary health and also becomes a livelihood project for young women thus empowering local rural women. Thus promoting vision 2030 and 2063 that is SDG 3 on Good health and well-being, SDG 6 on good sanitation and SDG 8 decent work and economic growth, contributing largely to an empowered safe, secured woman, ending period poverty as well as contributing to economic growth.