Every Girl's Dream, Marriage?

Marriage is torture, for Queen(not real name) a sixteenth-year-old mother from Mwenezi East. Married at 14year when she was in form one, Queen stays with her husband David (23) and son just beside her parents in law's compound.

Every Girl's Dream, Marriage?

Story by Mlambo Praise

"Mother in law and daughter in law are water and oil as it is said in our society. My mother-in-law hated me so much to an extent of giving me my own compound in less than a week" she said with heaviness on her face.

Queen and her family stay in a dilapidated hut made out of wood with no roofing and door. "When it rains l use plastics to cover my clothes and when it is during the night l would cover my sixteen months old son with plastics then my husband and l stand by the corner in an umbrella until it stops raining," says Queen.

According to Queen her husband does not have a decent source of income they only survive on part-time jobs however she says part-time jobs do not pay much in rural Mwenezi.

Queen's life is a tragedy as her father keeps on coming to claim her lobola turning a blind eye on the way of life she is leading. It is said in May of this year Queen 's father came and claimed lobola and he was given a cow.

"My father's actions fueled my mother in law's hatred for me. My son never felt grandmother's love, her hatred for me is beyond measure" she said sobbing uncontrollably. Queen has found solace in other young girls of her age who are also in the same predicament with her.

"I figured out people judge me for my mistakes hence l decided to play with those people who have the same problem with me, we understand each other and we can relate to each other's situation," she said. One of her friends MaNcube said"My mother used to tell me HUMHANDARA IDAMBAKAMWE l really never understood what she meant until now".

They got married for different reasons but now they are  bound in the same situation and they are sharing one common goal that is to turn on a new leaf in their lives. The young ladies said at one point going back home to their parents compound was the main goal until they realized that between them and their parents compound lies "mombe yegupuro" thus shattering their hope of ever going back to their homes.