Frontline Workers, Our Coivd Heros

Meet one of our frontline heroine Pamella Maseko. Pam is a nurse by profession and we have known each other since our high school days at Kwekwe High School. She is now based in South Africa which has been her home since 2007. She has thrived and is impacting health service provision there.

Frontline Workers, Our Coivd Heros
By Hellen Venganai
Pamela ran the Medical male circumcision (MMC) project in KwaZulu-Natal as the Project Manager from 2010-2014. She then ran DREAMS Project from 2015 until 2017 working with young girls affected with HIV and following up with their treatment program or initiating them on treatment.
Sometime last year, Pam set up a private clinic (Molepo HealthCare) with the hope to offer quick and efficient services. The private clinic is in Rustenburg Northwest in a location called Tlhabane at the Foro shopping complex. She had noticed that there was very slow and inefficient services at the government clinic in their area and patients go to this clinic as early as 6am and only get served at 4pm or even 6pm even if it is just for immunizations or to access family Planning services. She was also driven to have her own clinic that was friendly to foreign nationals and would afford them a chance to speak their home languages unlike at government clinics which predominantly use the Tswana language.
While Pam's clinic relies mainly on walk-ins, they have started doing house calls even on weekends. She is now in the process of setting up a maternity home which will cater for all and will be having general wards and private rooms. Pam is very dedicated to her work and does it with a lot of zeal and passion. This is why in 2019, she received Nurse of the Year award ????????????.
Covid-19 showed us how vulnerable health frontline workers are. As they offer their service, they are prone to contract the virus from patients. Last year Pamela faced the same predicament and had to battle covid (she allowed me to share about this). We were very worried about her but each day she would gather courage to update us on her condition and urged us to take care of ourselves to avoid getting the virus. After her full recovery, she shared her experience with us and also gave us tips of dealing with covid-19 incase one of us contracted the virus.
So today help me to celebrate this amazing and ever joyful woman who sacrifices her life to serve the health needs of many people. Her courage and her drive to provide adequate and friendly health services in the community needs recognition. It is very inspiring that she is making a very visible mark in the health sector, moreso in a foreign land. I am proud of you Pam and celebrate all your successes. Wishing you all the best in setting up the maternity home. I may require your services soon ????.