Govenment Stimulates Conventional And Rural Horticulture Production

Approaching the rainning season seed is an important agricultural input with a great capacity to increase productivity,profitability and enhance food security. Since the inception of Seed Co Vegetables (2015),vegetables have substantial contributed to the agricultural sector in particular horticulture industry to ehnance production and provision of top quality seeds.

Govenment Stimulates Conventional And Rural Horticulture Production

“In Zimbabwe to date we have boost over 80 registered and commercialized hybrid seed varieties in Zimbabwe “ said Felistus Ndawi.

Recently SeedCo held annual field day were the day was dedicated to the development of farmers showcasing their achievements made during the year.



SeedCo Vegetables has made us have knowledge on how to practice commercial horticulture with top seed for all agro-ecological zones in terms of yields, disease tolerance,quality fruits among other attributes.

Agriculture sector faces challenges that hinder production such as weather conditions,high costs of farm inputs,labour cost ,lack of facilities and plant diseases and pests which lowers the cost of production.

Permanent Secretary for Lands,Agriculture,Water and Rural Resettlement Dr John Basera encouraged horticulture commercial farmers to make collaborative research efforts with partners to leverage on exposure and skills they possess.

“Let me urge you take advantage of government facilitated programs and interact with peer farmers and experts so as to learn and spur agricultural production and productivity to eradicate food insecurity situations “

Agricultural sector is the most significant prime mover of Zimbabwe’s vision 2030 as it is a major source of livehood for over 67% of the population.