Letters to the Girl Child

The girl child is precious and has the right to be heard, access to good health facilities, free from gender-based violence and child marriages. As we celebrate International Day of the girl child, we reimagine a better world, inspired and led by adolescent girls as part of the global Generation Equality movement, Women's Voice Zimbabwe compiled positive messages to inspire the girl child:

Letters to the Girl Child

"To you the most beautiful person ever, the world is tough and cruel but don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. Keep fighting for your dreams. Never let anyone try and make you tiny something that you’re not. Remember what it is that you want, and always stay strong in that. Life has got all those twists and turns. You’ve got to hold on tight and off you go. We love you, girl child, we treasure you."

From Women Empowerment Trust
founding Director

Rodney Mutombo

Dear beautiful girl
I am writing this letter especially for you because you are beautiful, you are unique, you are intelligent and you are smart. I know you ask yourself so many questions, why they call you "that disabled girl" this is because it's your identity, being disabled means you do things differently from others. They may shame you, use different names that will embarass you because of your Disability. Do not let their negative words break you, always know that you are a champion. Do you know that I experienced that too when I was your age? they called me names and they continuously told me that I look different. That didn't worry me, so don't let it worry too! Even when they refuse to play with you because of your Disability play with those who want to be your friend and remember this; you look different because no girl is the same. Every girl is different, look at your eyes and your smile that is a true symbol of a beautiful girl. Be proud of yourself, be proud of your disability, and know that you are a shining star. Your scars will turn into stars soon and they will want to play with you. Don't forget Disability does not mean inability!

Lots of hugs & love
Ms Soneni Gwizi

Walk with your head held high and wear your crown with pride. Mwanasikana/girl in isiNdebele, you are a special gem.Always be willing to try,be a fighter and not someone who quits easily. Follow your dreams and never be afraid to raise your voice the event that you have to face the storm or be in the fire be a fighter and if you lose learn to forgive yourself and pick yourself up .Believe in yourself and always know that you are not perfect and never lose yourself in the process of self discovery . Always be your own cheerleader!
- Takudzwa Ndangana


To be female in almost 'male world' is to be very strong. Every day should be dedicated to celebrating girls and women all over the world. From biological roles of child bearing to taking on professional ones, it's safe to say that our gender is a force to reckon with.
So, on a day like this one
I pray that you fully embrace your femininity in all ways
That you take pride in procreation
That you fall in love with your flaws
That you make peace with your scars
That your life shall be virtuous
That you shall shine on the world like the morning sun, warm and sweetly bright
That you shall bloom with Grace and bravery

Paula A.


To the girl who has fought to find her place in the world.
There are so many scars that you hide behind that smile
And behind that smile, a heartbreaking tale.
Not like that of cinderella or rapunzel, but yours is a soldier's tale.
They don't know that you go running home when you fall down. Neither do they know who picks you up when no one is around. But like the strong delicate woman you are, you drop your sword and cry for just a while.
Then, resume the fight even stronger than ever!

Keep fighting
Don't give up
Don't give in
Just keep on fighting
- Tracey


Dear child
"You are lucky to live at this time in history, a time when you can be a Princess when you don’t have nobility in your lineage. At a time when you can be a Queen when you have not inherited a monarchy. At a time when you determination despite how society describes your place and roles define who are and become. My sister, niece, and daughter you have the whole world to claim. Every dream is authentic. Just be you, be original, always support your family. Never kick your friends when they fall down. What makes you truly happy should be your priority. No one needs to substantiate your essence to survive and your decisions are your decisions. Let books be your best friend because knowledge is all you need."
- Benjamin Watch


"What is pertinent is the fact that the girl child faces a harder time in life more than their male counterparts. From cultural and religious restrictions to sexual exploitation and a lack of proper education, the girl has seen it all.
But the girl child is stronger than all this. She is resilient and tenacious and should never lose focus on what's important, the future has never been brighter for her than ever before. Let her not give up hope."

~Rogers M. Wanambwa
(@wanamdynasty24 on Twitter).

No gender is superior to the other. If he can do it, she can do it too. A female is a priceless jewel to the family and a precious mineral to the society. The most powerful lady who got courage and confidence installed in her, stand up for the fellow girls and fight for what is right. Girls have rights too so stop discerning a sex toy or a baby-making machine. I believe girls got big dreams that they are chasing now. You will overcome if you don't give up now. Keep on going no matter what. For you are inspired good
-Grace Nyasha Manzou

“You are stronger than you have ever imagined, stand your ground, be yourself, serve your passion and be your biggest cheerleader”
- Rosemary Frank

You are powerful beyond measure. Dare to be unlimited
- She wears many hats. Gender and health consultant.

Dear girl child
Boundless opportunities are waiting for you in the world. Embrace self-confidence, be courageous, go for it girl. Til we reach equality girl child- go far
-Locadia Mavhudzi

It is okay to say no
It is okay to say stop
Don't suffer in silence, speak up.
J C Kargbo

" You can do anything in this world if you put your mind to it, never be discouraged by anyone. Always be your sister's keeper and the sky's the limit
-Ruvarashe Kadzviti

Thank you to all the people who sent their inspirational messages.