Low Utilisation Of Maternal Health Care Services In Rural Communities.

Poor maternal health delivery in rural communities of Zimbabwe results in more than million miscarriages, birth defects, low birth weight, maternal death, and mortality rate and this is partly due to low utilization of maternal health care services.

Low Utilisation Of Maternal Health Care Services In Rural Communities.
Woman accessing maternal health service

by Nkosilathi Ncube


" In Zimushiya village Chipinge, most of the women and children died during the birth delivery because people were not doing health check-ups during the course of pregnancy and they were delivering at midwives places .This was all because we were not well informed about the implications of not utilizing the health care services," said Methius Manyanga Mutetwa.



Ideally, residents should be able to conveniently and confidently access health services, according to the constitution of Zimbabwe, However, due to lack of knowledge on the importance of antenatal and postnatal, use of contraceptive, and delivery at health care services within the rural residents of Zimbabwe women are not utilising all those services and are delivering at home.

" We have the access to the maternal hospitals but due to lack of knowledge on the importance of the utilisation of maternal health care services, l delivered my first child at home and never went with him for any health check-up. Due to this, my child had stunting," said Miriam Chinake


According to statics, Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southern Africa that has 10 administrative provinces, 8 of which are rural areas where availability, accessibility to information and affordability are key issues impinging on health utilization and high maternal mortality remains pervasive.


However, Nutrition Action Zimbabwe(NAZ) is making significant moves to advocate for the utilization of maternal health care in different rural communities contacting awareness workshops with community members teaching them on how to improve maternal, new-born health and nutrition. This has radically improved the health of women and new-born babies in these communities


" The health of my two children that l delivered at home is a challenge as compared to the one that l delivered at hospital whilst l was utilizing health care services properly. This child is for and strong and l never had problems with his health. l give all the thanks to the projects that we carried with NAZ which have been helpful because we now have the knowledge on the importance of the doing the checkups during the course of the pregnancy, birth delivery at a health care facility and going with the baby for health checkups" said Nyasha Mwariwaro