Meet The Captain Of The Air : Chipo Matimba

Meet Captain Chipo Matimba. I am yet to meet this great woman in person but am happy and privileged that I get to interact with her on Facebook. I get very motivated by women who make it in male-dominated fields because they show us that you can be what you want to become. Wearing a dress or skirt should not be a barrier.

Meet The Captain Of The Air : Chipo Matimba

By Hellen Venganai

Did you know that Captain Chipo was the #1st woman to successfully complete a pilot training course in the Airforce of Zimbabwe? In 1998, she received an award for her achievement as the #1st female combat pilot. She also graduated as the #1st female flying instructor. Most of you would also remember that in November 2015, Captain Chipo, together with Captain Elizabeth Simbi Petros flew the country's #1st ever all-female flight deck crew from Harare to Victoria Falls.

That was when she was still with Air Zimbabwe before she joined #Fastjet. Now, how many times have I said she has been first? Isn't it just fabulous!? Will just call her Captain First. Without a doubt, she has paved the way for women in the aviation industry. I have a couple of documentaries about female pilots and have watched them over and over.



Just for you to understand why I am so inspired by this woman: 97% of all commercial pilots in the world are male. Which means ONLY 3% ARE WOMEN! And our own Chipo is among that 3%. If that doesn't excite you, then I don't know what else does. She leads from the skies but still finds time to be supermom on touchdown. It doesn't matter that she is a Liverpool fan: At least she excels in her own field. Being on the plane she is piloting is on my bucket list. I just have to make sure that Liverpool will not be playing when I make that trip.

PLEASE join me in celebrating Captain #1st ????????????