My Pandemic Period

l am a warrior of no enslavement An undertaker of peace. A persevere of my dream I am not a proletarian My voice our future as the girl child

My Pandemic Period

By Mitchel Chirombe

l am advocating not refraining
Attaining not discerning
Rising not falling
Achieving not giving up
I shrill for refrain under this pandemic
And yet my voice cant be heard !!
My rights
Yes my rights
My rights are not respected
And they underestimate my duties as the girl child

I will not keep quiet until
I have what l want .
Why turn a blind eye on my needs
Yet l didnt choose it for my self
How l wish l could turn back the hands
Of time when l am about to go on my period days
WHY !! beacause l dont have the materials required

My pandemic period
My biggest  enermy .
The devil in my life that l wish l could part ways with.
A poison chalice for sure
It possseses me like a demon every month !! .
It haunts me like phantom .
What a feeling ?
A feeling of experiencing hell on earth .

It is the fire that destroys every shread
of humanity left in me .
My pandemic period , my worst enermy ,
the bitter poison of my life.
I am torn between fear and trust .
Leaving a mark of a red pen
That cannot be erased easily neither quickly
I toil to sleep at night .
Maybe l am a fool
As this will always linger in my mind .
Its still fresh in my mind .
This is the question l always ask my self , ls
It me only who is experiencing this situation
of not having sanitary wear on my period days
But l have a feeling that l aint alone in this struggle

I am disappointed in myself
Now l am drowning
Sinking in an ocean
I feel lost
How much do l cost
Yes l feel heavy
But l aint curvy
Why tackle me the hard way
My pandemic period , my greatest regret

Glued by my gender and racism
What more can l do to solve this plight
God gracious knows how l survive
Being an African woman or a girl child
Is always a plight with tears.