My Struggle Of Not Having A Family

Even though l had three meals a day l was always hungry for love and affection. My name is Lovemore Martin, l am 24years old and l stay at Matanga Education Skills Training Foundation (MEST).

My Struggle Of Not Having A Family


By Nkhosiilathi Ncube


Growing up as a blind ragamuffin made tears a hobby, crying was the sweetest thing l grew up embracing. I was exposed to many facets of deprivation and poverty at a tender age. I was in grade two when l first walked through the gates of Nehanda children home when l was in grade two, this was two weeks after l had lost my mother to a severe headache. I had to stay there because l had nowhere and no one else to help. Nehanda foundation catered for my school fees at Waddilove primary school which is a boarding school. Being at a boarding school was not because they had too much money to spare, but its the only close school which has got facilities for the blind. The fact that l was an orphan at a boarding school with no family to come for the visit, no one to bring me food made me a laughing stock, being called a waste of space and all taunt names calling became normal to me.


My relationship with almost all my peers was estranged and challenging because the never saw my worth.l had three meals a day but l was always hungry for love which l never got to taste till l finished my primary. A life without someone who is a reliable source of attention, affection and stimulation, the wiring of the brain went awry. The result was long-term mental and emotional problems which affected my performance at school. After almost six-decade living at Nehanda and woke up one day only to be told it was to be shut down. This dreadful news came as a bomb to me because l knew l had nowhere else to seek refuge. After a long search l was taken to my sisters place in Marondera where l stayed for only a year and later to be dumped and she went to Mozambique with her husband.


Living my sister's place was a hard transition in many facets of my life.l I did not have the simple preparation for life, without having a grasp of any life skills and l only had my self to rely on. After a long struggle l heard about Matanga Education Skills Training foundation (Mest), which is a program that provides or aligns resources and skills to help every disadvantaged Child for their development and well-being. That is where l am staying now. Here l found the love that l always craved for Mr Matanga (MEST foundation founder) and MEST family made me realize I am loved, respected and my accomplishments are important to them and to others. They are also the ones who made me realize the talent of singing and instrumental in me.