Silence Is Betrayal

The way that a women tells her friends about how her husband is surprising her and showering her with presents is the same way that she should tell them if he abuses and violates her rights

Silence Is Betrayal

By Nkhosiilathi Ncube


My name is Mrs. Kamutasvo, from the Roman Catholic Church.


I used to observe women and girls in church and society being sexually abused by their male counterparts and kept quiet. I never realised that l have been betraying fellow women by witnessing and hearing consequences that impacted them as a result of keeping quiet. Such consequences include injuries, trauma, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and loss of dignity. This is all because l thought l did not have the right to speak up about observations that do not concern me. From the speak out campaign what we did as churches, it helped me realise that we the churches have been called to be the light of the world.


We are the ones who should speak out and protect women against sexual gender-based violence before it happens and respond to the needs of victims in time. It is everyone's responsibility to protect women and girls against all forms of sexual gender-based violence. Women should speak out if they encounter any form of abuse just the way they tell their friends if their husbands shower them with presents.