The Monitory Graphs Of Apparent Life Changes

Our state is on edge of rampage. Livelihoods maintenance have been threatened by various circumstances which may seem as lack of admonition of diplomacy. Irregardless of the termination of most bread winners , inflation and unstable economy ; education is now some sort of a child's play to beloved Zimbabwean students due to teachers on strikes and its absurd that even the government itself has proven to be ineffective on this matter .

The Monitory Graphs Of Apparent Life Changes

They expect me to write an exam basically about what when l have learnt nothing , its never the case of the results but what l have attained interms of acknowledgement of knowledge right .We study to be learned not to just be educated , lets have a capacity for more and more before as this is going to affect our future as well.

Now that the schools opened and children are expected by their parents to learn while also themselves are expecting to learn, they is no one to take up the task, teachers are on a mass strike, demanding better wages and a better learning  environment so what is the purpose for the children to go to school.

Yes the new curriculum urged the teachers to only provide the student with 10% of the learning resources and the 90% by themselves but still behavior of certain students is emancipated by the teachers.They are the school rules enforcer's and l actually applaud to the things juniour parliamentarians are saying .They are representing their fellow student as they vowed to as this year to be taken as a wastage and we all will start afresh next year as they is nothing to heist for.

Early pregnancy for girl students is really something to remarkable . Just because things have changed in any way possible and impossible, childhoods of the whole population is stained. Parents too have gone shoot, they lost their grip and courage to keep eyes over their children and siblings.

A quite open figure of youngesters going along with car accidents is also  taking a toll on those who take their time to analyze the graph of every life  living. The parents and the traffic sectors too don't even take a breathe on making sure that the traffic movement is as good as always. This is because everyone feels like being busy for nothing leading to increase deceasing children along roads.

Due to this unusual certainty of the COVD 19 which induced  LOCKDOWN, most whole souls are lost in invalid matters like satanism . This is just because everyone is looking for a change upto that living of the past days in every way, whether valid or invalid. Some trafficking fake money .

In the eye range of the bad ones  ,this is going too well.Everything is just messed up.

Back there time was all that matters , making everything perfect in the right time but right now everything is demanded to be perfect in any time made possible with strong and courageous efforts from every individual .

This part of lifetime is not anything to consider lively living , the matters must be taken to the very narrow vessels of everyone's thinking and concerning.

Compliled by Hounarable Mimie a.k.a Lavagal