Wounds Of Being Uprooted From A Caregiver

I believe that mothers are supposed to put their children first but with us, there was no custody battle- our mother was more than happy to abandon us and shut herself off from caring about us.

Wounds Of Being Uprooted From A Caregiver


By Nkhosilathi Ncube


My name is Ashely Masarawera. l am a 12year old girl who lives in Melfort. My story is about being forced to shoulder the burdens of the world at a time when we were not old enough to recognize them. It’s about what happens to children when they are taken away from their mother. Can anyone understand the pain of being uprooted? This is the trauma that I and my six year old brother goes through since 2018.


We used to stay with our single mother in Sendekera and had a faint knowledge of who our father was. One day we walk up to witness our mother packing all her belongings and went to a place we do not know, for the reason, we do not know and the only words that she decided to tell us were to look for our aunty in Melfort and stay with her. My impecunious aunty could not afford to pay for my school fees and l had to stay at home for a year. My life took a turn for the best when l learned about Matanga Education Skills Training Foundation (MEST).


MEST foundation is not only catering for by education bills but l am also being equipped with different art skills which comprise of dramas, poetry, dancing among others and it has been very helpful. Although lm enjoying being here at MEST foundation my heart will never be at ease till l get to hear any word from my mother.